Meet Mike

The Central Valley is where I grew up and where I returned to after serving in the military.  It is where I met my wife, and where I am raising my children.  I came back to bring my experiences and business relationships to invest here in the Valley, where I still see so much value and opportunities. 

I have so much hope and love for our Country, this Great State of California, our local communities, and families.  I am tired of seeing all of these things being divided by self serving career politicians and special interest groups.  I will not sit back and complain about someone needing to fix the problems. I am raising my hand and stepping in the arena.  Raise your hand and help me in being a part of reuniting our communities and remembering how we all depend on each other.  


I have hope and vision for a thriving Valley where the water is plentiful, just as the food our farmers grow.  Produce which feeds the world and where our dairies continue to lead in the producing the best products, including the fuels which power a new generation of transportation in the air, land, and sea.  Where we are stewards of our environment and families can breath clean air.  Local business can thrive and we open our arms to new industries.  We can do all this and so much more if we come together and stop letting politics divide us and career politicians define us. 


Let’s Grow our Valley!


“We must stop letting politics divide us and start working to bring our community together.”