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Endorsements 2022

Kevin McCarthy.png

Kevin McCarthy

U.S. Congressman


Connie Conway

U.S. Congresswoman


Donny Youngblood

Sheriff Kern County

Buddy Mendes_edited.jpg

Buddy Mendes

Fresno County Supervisor

Sheriff Boudreaux11_edited_edited.jpg

Mike Boudreaux

Sheriff Tulare County


Andy Vidak

Fmr. California State Senator


Vong Mouanoutoa

Clovis City Councilman

Tim Ward_edited_edited.jpg

Tim Ward

District Attoney Tulare County

Reedley Mayor Mary Fast_edited.jpg

Mary Fast

Mayor of Reedley


Robert O'Brien

National Security Advisor


Debbie Poochigian

Fresno County Supervisor

Tom McClintok_edited_edited.jpg

Tom McClintock

U.S. Congressman




Thanks for endorsing Michael!

Doug Verboon_edited.jpg

Doug Verboon

Kings County Supervisor

Visalia Mayor Steve Nelsen_edited.jpg

Steve Nelsen

Mayor of Visalia

Sanger Mayor Frank Gonzalez_edited_edited.jpg

Frank Gonzalez

Mayor of Sanger

Sheriff David Robinson_edited_edited.jpg

David Robinson

Sheriff Kings County

Brian Whelan copy_edited.jpg

Brian Whelan

Fresno Civil Litigator

Peter V_edited.jpg

Pete VanderPoel

Tulare County Supervisor


Devon Mathis

California Assemblymen

Councilman Brian Poochigian_edited.jpg

Brian Poochigian

Visalia City Councilman

Larry Micari_edited_edited.jpg

Larry Micari

Tulare County Supervisor

Councilman Matthew Tuttle_edited.jpg

Matthew Tuttle

Reedley City Councilman

Dennis Townsend_edited_edited.jpg

Dennis Townsend

Tulare County Supervisor


Vong Mouanoutoa
Clovis City Councilman

The Hmong and Lao American veterans have an advocate in fellow veteran Michael Maher, who understands the cost of service.  Michael will fight for health and access to services for those who served alongside our U.S. Military from the Secret War in Laos, to Vietnam, Syria, and other theaters of war including those most recently left behind in Afghanistan.  Michael recognizes the great cost to the families of those who served, requiring asylum as refugees from the regimes they fought against.  Our community needs a real advocate who respects our service and place in the community

Reedley Mayor Mary Fast_edited.jpg

Mary Fast
Mayor of Reedley

Join me and many other community leaders in voting for Michael Maher for Congress. He has served our country with honor and will serve his constituents with the same dignity and service.

Tim Ward_edited_edited.jpg

Tim Ward
Tulare County District Attorney

As Tulare County District Attorney and former Army Officer, I know what it takes to be an effective leader during challenging times.

It's time for someone like Michael Maher to lead us in Congress.  Now more than ever, we need new ideas and new solutions in Washington.

With Michael's background in business, the Navy, as well his experiences in law enforcement, he has what it takes to keep our communities safe. I'm supporting Michael for Congress; join me in electing change.

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