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Michael Maher for US Congress
CA-21st District

It's time to grow our valley

Michael Maher

Aviation Business Owner

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Michael Maher is from the Valley and is fighting for the Valley.  He is not a career politician beholden to a party or special interest groups. His interest is to bring opportunities back to our Valley and unite our communities representing everyone in the district. Michael fought for our country and defended our valley in the U.S. Navy and in Law Enforcement, as an FBI Special Agent.  He is a husband, father, and a business owner who knows how to get things done.  He is ready to take the fight back to Washington to combat the out-of-control inflation, rising food and gas prices, supply chain disruptions, failing infrastructure, drug epidemic, rising crime, and growing international conflicts. Michael Maher is a proven leader who will stand firm and represent the best interests of this Valley

The new U.S. Congressional District 21 - Map

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