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California Young Republican Federation Endorses Michael Maher for Congress

Fresno, CA–The California Young Republican Federation announced their unanimous endorsement of Michael Maher for Congress. Michael Maher is a next-generation voice and business leader from Fresno running to defeat multi-decade Biden Democrat Congressman Jim Costa. 

The California Young Republican Federation consists of young professionals 18-40 who are interested in electing leaders who prioritize and fight to protect each citizen's "freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness."

"It is an honor to receive the Young Republican's endorsement of my run for Congress," said Congressional candidate Michael Maher. "The future of California is in good hands and I am looking forward to partnering with the Young Republicans to ensure that our future remains bright!" 

The California Young Federation adds to the dynamic and esteemed list of endorsements earned by Michael Maher including Congressman Jim Duarte, Congressman Vince Fong, former Congresswoman Connie Conway, State Senator Shannon Grove, and national leaders like former Congressman Mike Rogers and former National Security Robert C. O’Brien. 

Michael Maher is a Navy veteran and former FBI Special Agent, assigned to the National Security Division. Michael is running to replace democrat Jim Costa. Maher wants to bring Valley priorities to Washington D.C. and ensure that our community is no longer taken advantage of by Washington elitists and instead has a voice in our government.


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