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Biden & Costa woke up and realized US has a border security problem.

Statement from Michael Maher, Congressional Candidate for California’s 21st District including much of Fresno and Tulare Counties, and former FBI Special Agent assigned the National Security Division, on the Executive Order issued by President Biden on the Border today.

Joe Biden seemingly woke up this morning, read the polling, and realized the United States has a border security problem. His Administration and many in Congress, like Congressman Jim Costa, have allowed this problem to fester while women, children, and teens have been victimized by human sex and labor traffickers, all while federal and local law enforcement have faced a tidal wave of deadly fentanyl and weapons smuggling.

As a former FBI Special Agent, I know any border security plan is inadequate unless it includes enforcement, including, but not limited to, more support to local and federal law enforcement, and utilization of U.S. military & technology capable to deny criminal cartels access to the United States.

The ongoing victimization of good people looking for a better life and opportunities for their family and children by the decades of inactions of lifetime politicians like Jim Costa who grandstand every election must stop. Instead of delivering on a promise of dignity for our vibrant undocumented farm workers, dreamers and neighbors, through overdue immigration reform that will bring valley families out of the shadows and halt the influence and control of the violent criminal gangs and cartels who are also preying on our people, they continue to overpromise and underdeliver.

Both Jim Costa and Joe Biden have been weak back-benchers on this issue for decades.


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